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Kentzu Steel Sdn Bhd (“Kentzu Steel”) was incorporated on 6 May 1983 under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965 as a private limited company. Since its inception, Kentzu Steel has been Malaysia’s leading supplier of a wide and diverse range of stainless-steel products with various grades and sizes in the local and ASEAN markets. Kentzu Steel’s clientele includes corporations that provide engineering and fabrication services relating to oil and gas, palm oil, electrical and energy, pulp and paper mill, petrochemical and construction industries, and are situated all across Malaysia (including east Malaysia) and ASEAN countries.

Kentzu Steel is a registered corporation with the Ministry of Finance, Malaysia, qualifying itself in the participation of supplying stainless steel products for Malaysian Government related projects.

Corporate Structure

Kentzu Steel has three operating subsidiaries, namely, Kanzen Tetsu Sdn Bhd, S.P. United Industry Sdn Bhd and Kentzu Steel (Penang) Sdn Bhd.

Kanzen Tetsu Sdn Bhd is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of stainless-steel pipes.

S.P. United Industry Sdn Bhd is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of stainless-steel fittings namely lap joint / stub ends, elbow, tee, cap and reducer.

Both Kanzen Tetsu Sdn Bhd and S.P. United Industry Sdn Bhd are ISO certified and they collectively produce an annual average capacity of 12,000 metric tonnes of stainless steel pipes and fittings respectively which are sold/exported to local clients and/or clients situated in America, Europe and Asia.

Kentzu Steel (Penang) Sdn Bhd is located in Penang and is primarily engaged in the trading of stainless-steel products for the purposes of servicing clients located in the northern region of Malaysia.

Board of directors

Messrs. Lim Suag Ngak, Ooi Hung Hock and Yeo Bee Vian are the directors and founders of Kentzu Steel Sdn Bhd with over 35 years of experience in the industry of trading and manufacturing of stainless-steel.

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